Monday, November 21, 2011

The Joke

#35 -- "Infinite Jest" by David Foster Wallace

So it took nearly two months, 15 years after it actually came out, ten years after I really should have read it, two years after Infinite Summer for chrissakes.

And it was so very worth it. Was it frustrating? Absolutely -- there were times when I'd settle in to read a chapter before bed, and instead find myself getting through two pages in 30 minutes. There were sections that I wanted to skip. There were times that I thought it'd never end.

But when I got to the end, I wanted to go back and start again. "Infinite Jest" amazed me and moved me.

A recap isn't really worthwhile -- there's so much written about the book (a lot of it really good itself!) that me trying to sum it up wouldn't accomplish much. I can say I'd recommend everyone give it a try. Early on, I told someone who asked that I wasn't sure if it was for everyone. I still don't know, but I think everyone should find that out themselves. It's worth the try.

What a fantastic book. I wish I hadn't waited until three years after Wallace's death to find out just what I'd been missing.

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