Saturday, August 13, 2011

Close Your Eyes and Think of England

Heading out of town again, for the third time in the last month-and-a-half -- this strange little period of jet-setting ends after this, and I'll be Atlanta-bound for a few months. Not now, though, and it's actually a pleasant change to schedule just about all my out-of-town trips for the unbearable summer months rather than the pleasant spring/fall months.

I went to DC two weeks ago, for a 48-hour exercise in old-style drinking-too-much, and managed to take two photographs over the course of the trip:

So there you have it. DC.

* * *


#26 -- "Send Them Victorious" by David Stubbs

I like to imagine my British friends' internal monologues sound like this. It's hard to properly describe without weakening the joke, but an old British Boer War commander reviews all English international soccer matches. Clever and surprisingly subtle for something that's (intentionally) over-the-top xenophobic. Really, it's a lot funnier than I can make it out to be, just search "wingo" and "When Saturday Comes" and that might turn up some of the pieces. I laughed throughout, and I am normally a somber, humorless man.

There were four more books here, but sometimes Blogger says "Greg -- I'm autosaving right now," but then lies. And then when you hit "publish," you get a 404 error, and then find out that your draft cut out like 20 minutes ago. And then you say a really bad word, because really you need to finish packing. So you miss out on hearing about:

#27 -- "Contacts" by Jan Morris

#28 -- "Reach for the Ground" by Jeffrey Bernard

#29 -- "They Call Me Assassin" by Jack Tatum

#30 -- "The Italian Job" by Gianluca Vialli and Gabriele Marcotti

So, uh, sorry?

* * *

Got to run but one last bit of self-promotion: read this! And go Liverpool today.

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gsdgsd13 said...

Note: the title of this post makes absolutely no sense now -- it was an acknowledgement that four of the five books I've read in recent weeks were England-related. Ah, Christ, I'm clever.