Sunday, June 05, 2011

What We Write About When We Write About Sports

Appetizer post here, as blogger needs to get going to the gym. It's also something of a bridge, as the longer post coming later in the morning is about soccer -- I think most of the people arriving at this blog right now are more interested in hockey, so a warning of some sort is probably in order.

Anyway, a public service announcement: if you have any interest in the craft of writing about sports -- on whatever level, blogs, mainstream media, spray paint on the side of an abandoned warehouse -- check out The Blizzard. The first proper issue just came out and it's great. (An "issue zero" came out a few months back and it was great.) It has three important things to share with all of us: 1) it's possible to write thoughtfully about sports 2) there are many different subjects to write about in connection with sports 3) sportswriting and literature are not mutually exclusive.

It may not be for everyone -- but if you're interested in aiming higher with your writing, give this a look. (it's got a pay-what-you-like thing in place for downloads -- I liked issue zero enough that I paid for a hard copy subscription) I realize that some of the things you take away from this can't be applied to hockey. Soccer's global reach is vaster than any other team sport; ditto, its different international cultures interact a lot more than those of hockey. And I do realize that there are not many markets for thoughtful sports literature (I'm curious about Grantland, but also pretty dubious), and even when there are, hockey is number 967 on the priority list.

Nonetheless. Look over the Blizzard site. If it sounds interesting, give it a try. Writing this good deserves celebration.

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