Friday, June 03, 2011

What I Want to See in 2011-12

Longtime (just hunt around) hero-of-the-PPA Tomáš Klouček is out of contract at Barys Astana of the KHL. (which is probably a good thing for our guy, as I get the impression that Astana is only slightly more appealing than Winnipeg) Either he got squeezed out or was injured -- either way he played only 17 regular season games in 2010-11, scoring one goal and racking up a Kloučekian 65 penalty minutes.

Meanwhile, rather-arbitrarily-chosen Czech-team-of-the-PPA HC Kometa Brno completely blew a hot start (putting them in the same boat as the 2010-11 Avalanche and Thrashers -- I strive for consistency in the teams I support) and ended up in the relegation-threatened bottom four of the Extraliga. They escaped, but obviously work needs to be done.

With those two things in mind -- and since with my aforementioned anticipated free time looming this fall, I'm going to actually be trying to find Extraliga streams online (anyone have tips? Help a brother out) -- this needs to happen:

A perfect match, in the Eastside Hockey Manager game that runs about 40% of my brain. Seriously, I pretty much have quit buying jerseys, but I'd be all over a Klouček Brno like you wouldn't believe.

(longer posts to come back tomorrow.)

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