Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Revelation Revisited #6: Frozen Peas

No For An Answer: You Laugh

I was an uncritical supporter of all things O'Mahony for a long, long time, but now I can acknowledge being wrong on a few of them. Voicebox was not good. God Forgot was far worse. "A Thought Crusade" is often pretty plodding, and (gulp) some of "This Isn't Me" is kind of sappy.

All that off my chest: 20+ years after I first heard it, "You Laugh" remains my favorite early Revelation release, and top five for the label's whole history. Opening "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" onward to the Uniform Choice-slagging "About Face," this is nine minutes and change of everything I loved about hardcore. Barked vocals, buzzsaw guitars, drums that sound like the set's in the process of falling over.

This record is sufficiently imprinted on my brain that I've still got the entire lyrics memorized, putting me in good shape if anyone ever starts up No For An Answer karaoke. After Minor Threat, NFAA was one of the hardcore bands that helped shape my worldview (to the point that I kind of dismissed Uniform Choice because of "About Face," and rightly so, I must say. What an overrated band). A lot of the stuff from this era sounds at least a little bit hokey now. "You Laugh," though, is still a ferocious burst of awesome.

* * *

Things I have, in keeping with the Czechish theme of this month: a bunch of old hockey team pins, from 1960s through 1980s Czechoslovak hockey teams. I've been looking for a nice way to display these for a while -- I've struck out, so any suggestions gratefully accepted.

Top row, left to right: ZKL Zetor Brno (yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!), HC Poldi Kladno, TJ Gottwaldov, Škoda Plzeň, Spartak Hradec Králové. Bottom row: TJ Slavia Praha, Sparta Praha twice, and TJ Baník Ostrava. Not a lot to say about any of these (except for the Hradec Králové one, which shows a lion holding a "G" -- that's the city crest, exactly what you'd expect for a city named "Hradec Králové") except that I think they're pretty cool to look at.

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SpastikMooss said...

Found a crazy old blog post of yours about a Worcester Ice Cats jersey. Answered your question about the mountains...they're actually hills.