Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On Living and Writing

Short post tonight -- I had to work late, and now I'm wrestling with something larger: trying to reconcile my portrayals of two rather -- nay, very -- inconsistently characterized characters. It ain't easy.

I'm sometimes resistant to anything that someone says will "help with the writing." My hubris-laden (and silent) response is that I know how to write, dammit (if not always well), I just need the right atmosphere. Or motivation. Or something. All of which is bullshit and I know it, but that's a post for another time.

Anyway, this is "I'm not too big to admit that I'm sometimes wrong" day, so here are two different tools (in very different forms) that have really helped a ton with the writing. Both came to me from good friends -- cheers, MMW and Tapeleg.

In book form, let me suggest that anyone who wants to write fiction check out "The Writer's Notebook: Craft Essays From Tin House." The parts I've read are just dead on, pieces that address things that might cause you trouble, then make you feel capable of tackling them. A+.

And then there's Pomodoro, something that I guess is widespread but that I'd never heard of before Tapeleg mentioned it. The Pomodoro plugin is one hell of a big help for someone with chronic attention problems. It seems simple, but somehow, having the actual timer going is a big help. At least for me.

So thanks, M and T, for the assistance. Tomorrow: more stuff about old Czech hockey!

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Michelle said...

hmmm, a timer. that could be...guilt-inducing. heh.