Friday, June 24, 2011

Helpful Tip

Argh blargh, if you're in a "do a post every day" thing and you've got an event after work, WRITE YOUR POST EARLY, dumbass. I thought about writing something about the Liles trade but I find I don't have a ton to say -- nice little player and I'll miss him just in the way you miss the familiar, but "offensive defenseman" is a pretty easily-replaced position and he wasn't Bobby Orr out there.

I'm more concerned that this leaves the Avalanche with a dearth of quality defensemen for next year -- beyond Johnson, Quincey, and O'Byrne (I presume he'll be re-signed), there's the unpopular Hunwick, Cumiskey (who wasn't John-Michael Liles out there), Wilson, and the young kids who will take a while to reach their potential. So all of a sudden I've gotta thoroughly rethink yesterday's post and say that it would be just delightful if the Avalanche sign Bieksa or Pitkanen, not least because it'd be advantageous to hit the cap floor at some point. I guess I'd kind of prefer Pitkanen -- maybe because of my usual Euro bias, but he's also younger and sturdier, and I get the feeling Bieksa's a bit more likely to be overrated.

I also entertain fantasies of throwing an offer sheet at Bogosian, because I think he's gonna be pretty hot shit down the road, but the Jets are also way under the cap and would match anything. Still, I can dream.

So ok, there's my revised plan for the Avalanche's summer: get Vokoun, get Pitbieksa, don't throw a crapload of money at any over-the-hill winger, for god's sake double don't even think the words "McCabe" or "Jovanovski" to fill those vacant defensive spots, maybe pick up Klouček, probably tank again next year and pick high again and then start tearing shit up. Research backs none of this up but I've got a party to go to. Bye!

PS As I was typing this the Avalanche picked Landeskog, which is I guess a bit weird because he's not a defenseman, but what the hell. I'll take it.

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