Monday, June 13, 2011


Stuff dug up in a vain attempt to get organized:

Photo of the 1959 Czechoslovakia World Championship team, sent to me a few years back by forward Bohumil Prošek (kneeling third from left, slight pen mark pointing to him). Two down from him, far left kneeling is Jaroslav Jiřík, who a decade later would become the first Czechoslovak-trained player in the NHL.

Two photos of defenseman Jaromír Bünter, sent to me by Mr. Bünter. He played in the 1956 Olympics.

Photo of Litvínov old-timers ceremony, sent to me by former forward Miloš Tarant.

Dukla Jihlava statistical guide from the 1972-73 season.

1973-74 Sparta ČKD Praha team photo, sent to me by defenseman Josef Horešovský (1968 and 1972 Olympics). Horešovský is dead center of the middle row.

Photo of František Kaberle junior and František Kaberle senior.

German cigarette card, showing the 1936 Olympic match between Czechoslovakia and France. Czechoslovakia won 2-0. No idea who wore what number so I can't identify any of the players.

1987-88 Tesla Pardubice team photo. A couple future NHLers here. Far left of bottom row, wearing goofy headband: Jiří Šejba, who briefly appeared with the Sabres a few years later. Third from right of the same row, similarly wearing goofy headband: Dominik Hašek, who made far more appearances for the Sabres.

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