Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Early '90s Represent

I don't really get too bent out of shape over the Hall of Fame -- basically if a player is up there enough that he's even in the discussion then sure, give him the benefit of the doubt, that's my feeling. (note: this all becomes null and void when Chris Osgood's name comes up) All of the guys today are sorta relics of the pre-Avalanche era for me -- regardless of how long they played or what they accomplished, I lock in Nieuwendyk with Calgary, Gilmour with the Leafs, Belfour with the Blackhawks. (And Howe with the Flyers, but that was where he spent his glory years anyway.)

At least in the case of Gilmour and Belfour, that's where the best memories are. I'd completely forgotten that Killer ended up playing for the Sabres and Canadiens in later days -- after that period from 1992 to 1994 where he was in contention for best all-around player (I had a Gilmour poster and jersey, and I've never even liked the Leafs), the decline was pretty rapid. And even though Belfour won the Cup with the Stars, by that point he was behind Roy, Brodeur, and Hasek on the list of most-feared goalies. His off-ice escapades eventually made him something of a joke, and it was easy to forget that time when he was the most-feared goalie in the league. God, I hated him with the Blackhawks. Glad he never made it to Detroit.

Anyway, the good feelings from the selections lasted about five minutes before everyone on Twitter started bitching about whoever didn't make it, but in this corner: can't complain. I'd like to see Bure get in but I can't argue that he should have gone ahead of any of these guys.

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