Thursday, June 30, 2011

Coming to a Close

This is, I think, the last day of the SCFblog challenge (today or tomorrow -- I'll have something tomorrow anyway, before I leave for Colorado). Big thanks to Tapeleg for getting this going, and giving me a reason to breathe some life into this ol' blog. I think you'll continue to see a more frequent posting schedule than pre-challenge. Not quite daily, and perhaps not quite so much on obscure Czechoslovakian hockey, but more often.

Not much tonight, as I'm still wiped out from a weird and evil 24-hour sinus infection that struck me yesterday, plus I'm still struggling to do laundry and pack, plus I frittered away most of the evening playing Football Manager (Ajax are well on their way to a second straight Dutch title). I'll be writing from Colorado soon enough (when not buying Tapeleg Becherovka and beers), and hopefully maintaining some of the momentum this produced.

Thanks to everyone that dropped by. Now tonight, do me a favor, and pray to whatever higher power you believe in that the Avalanche don't pick up the newly-free Sheldon Souray tomorrow.

* * *

#19 -- "A Visit From the Goon Squad" by Jennifer Egan

I feel a bit unworthy writing about this when I'm this tired -- this'll just be a knocked-off review, and this book deserves more. I get nervous when a novel is described as a rock and roll novel -- which I think this was, or maybe I imagined it -- because the track record isn't great. "The Commitments" is fun enough, I never liked "Great Jones Street," and I seem to remember Jay McInerney writing one that was just awful.

Put all that negativity aside, because this is wonderful. Often touching, often funny, often powerful. It's more a series of loosely connected stories than a novel ("a rock and roll 'Cloud Atlas'" - Greg). There seems to be a lot of hype around Egan, and judging by this, it's justified.

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