Sunday, June 26, 2011

ATK Praha

Another of the old Czech magazines, and this one's a goldmine. "Ruch" (meaning "hustle," according to Google Translate) from November 28, 1952. It looks like it's the precursor to "Stadion" -- same size, similar look, same publisher's address inside.

There's a lot here and I'll post stuff as I scan in, but for now I just want to talk about the cover. It's a great photo, making me wonder if all of these magazines are nicely archived somewhere. It shows a match between Plzeň in blue -- for that year, they were known as ZSJ Leninovy Závody Plzeň, which is a mouthful -- and ATK Praha in green. The ATK player in the center, mosh pit grimace on his face, is forward Miloslav Charouzd. I don't know a lot about him, but he was pretty prominent in 1950s Czechoslovak hockey -- he played on that doomed 1949 World Championships team, then on the 1952 Olympic team.

The thing that's most interesting (to me, friends, to me) is the ATK uniforms -- in my various books and magazines, this is the only thing that has good clear photos of the team. The ATK stood for the melodious "Armádní tělocvičný klub" -- Army Physical Education Club, according once again to our pals at Google Translate. It was one of several short-lived military clubs (Tankista and ÚDA Praha among the others) in the early 1950s, prior to the military focusing its affections on Dukla Jihlava. There isn't much on record about ATK -- they (as far as I can tell) replaced the similarly-obscure Stadion Podolí, went through some name changes and then vanished after 1956 -- so realizing that this actually had a photo of them in action, however obscured, caused some excitement in these parts.

Not much on the design (there's actually a better black-and-white view inside, which I'll scan sometime down the line), strong letters that look kind of frattish or youth crewish, but thumbs up to the forest green-and-red combination. That's not something you see a ton (at least in North America -- the Minnesota Wild are the only team that I can think of), like the claret-and-blue of Aston Villa.

I don't know much about any of the other players on the cover. The Plzeň defenseman in the front is named Havlíček -- I can't find anything more on him. The goalie is likely Karel Trhlík. The player in the back (partially cut off on my scan) is a bit confusing -- his jersey appears to be pale green, but the caption indicates that he's defending here, so he's probably just a miscolored Plzeň player. The caption calls him "Havel" -- likely Jan Havel, one of several Czech players with that name.

More to come from this issue, once I get stuff scanned in.

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