Thursday, June 09, 2011

10 Years Ago

Lazy post tonight. I had ambitions, but work wrung me out like an old rag, and the other things I was planning require some research.

So: ten years since the Avs' last Stanley Cup. Canucks and Blues and Kings fans are, I know, weeping for me. I remember the night pretty well -- I was still working the graveyard shift, so I watched the first period at home, listened to the second period on the radio en route to work, watched third period at work. Thankfully my supervisor that night was a diehard Bruins fan -- he delayed a meeting so that we could see Bourque get the Cup.

I had a bit of bad luck with Avalanche Stanley Cup wins -- saw that one at work, saw 1996 exhausted on my parents' couch the night before starting a new job just after moving back to Colorado. That one left me almost dumbfounded; the Avalanche were still something new and odd, I wasn't used to them, I hadn't gone through any pain. Krupp scored his goal. I looked quizzically at the TV, watched the celebration with some pleasure, then went to bed. 2001 was, in retrospect, more satisfying. We'd gone through all the "next dynasty" talk, built up a healthy hate of the Red Wings, a healthy dislike of the Stars, and then it all came back around.

As I write this -- in mid-2011, for anyone checking my hard drive after the apocalyptic war -- the Avalanche don't look too close to a Stanley Cup (talk to me in three years). Hopefully I'm back in the homeland for the next one. I'm overdue for a proper celebration.

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