Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Endings, Beginnings

And so that's that. The past week has been, in the words of a friend watching the 2004 election returns, "like being at a wake where you're forced to stare at the body." Part of me remains rational -- professional sports are a business, and businesses don't shy away from making money just because something will hurt people. Atlanta didn't deserve this any less (or, it should be said, more) than Sacramento, New Jersey, Montreal, Kansas City, Hartford, Winnipeg, Quebec City, or other places that lost franchises.

On the other hand, part of me remains irrational and bitter, and that part says fuck the NHL in its ear.

* * *

This was originally intended, lo these many years ago, to be something of a Thrashers blog. That obviously went out the window long ago. But in some form of twisted tribute, I'm taking on a challenge from ol' pal Tapeleg, seen here. I'm going to extend it to its fullest and write every day of the month (well, I plan to, I should say. I don't have the best track record with challenges.)

It won't all be about hockey -- there are only so many ways one can say "fuck the NHL in its ear" before it starts to sound same-y -- but the first two posts will be, at least, if all goes as intended.

* * *

Speaking of challenges -- haven't said much about it but I do remain on course for the Eastern Europe challenge of earlier this year:

#15 -- "Society Without God" by Phil Zuckerman

#16 -- "Have A Nice Day" by Dubravka Ugresic

"Society Without God" takes a while to get going -- Zuckerman's painted into a corner, since he's asking people who don't care much about religion how they feel about religion. Much of the fault is mine, too -- it's preaching to the converted (har), as I already know that non-believers can be decent/moral people, thank you very much. It gets more interesting once he starts comparing the secular Scandinavians to the more religious Americans. It's a good book, but probably more useful for someone less atheist than me.

The Ugresic book is #6 (of 12, if I remember the deal correctly) in the E. Europe challenge. I've wanted to read her stuff (she's Croatian) for a while, and ... this was probably the wrong place to start.

She lived in the northeastern U.S. for a time as the Balkans were going up in smoke, and this is a collection of columns written during that time. She's a wonderful writer, this would seem to be fertile material ... but ... despite some good moments, it leaves me cold. I'll give her other work a try -- again, she's got a great style. I'm trusting that this just wasn't the best use of it.


Tapeleg said...

The Avs won't quit you.


gsdgsd13 said...

True. Although the Avs will find new and exciting ways to let me down.