Wednesday, January 05, 2011

New Year, New Books

#1 -- "1968" by Mark Kurlansky

I should've read this some time back -- there's a scarcity of good books on the events in Prague in 1968, and while that's only a fraction of Kurlansky's book, he covers it very well. I learned quite a bit from the rest; while I'm pretty familiar with the year's events in the U.S., Czechoslovakia, and France, I wasn't so hot on Poland and Mexico. Kurlansky sure can write -- I remember liking his "The Basque History of the World" a ton -- and I'll hunt down some of his other books.

* * *

I'm never much for reading challenges, but this one -- The Black Sheep Dances: The 2011 Eastern European Reading Challenge -- seems tailor-made for me. So I'm jumping in. I'm going to strive to read authors I haven't read before. That won't be entirely possible -- with two new Ismail Kadare books since the last one I read, I'm going to have to read at least one -- but for the most part I'll explore some new folks. Oughta be fun.

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