Saturday, December 25, 2010

Karma Stew

(everyone's allowed one Circle Jerks-song post title per year)

I tend to expect the worst. So it's a bit of a surprise that when they started canceling Christmas Day flights out of Atlanta (because of the POSSIBILITY of snow), I shrugged and assumed mine wouldn't be one.

I was mistaken, natch. I logged on Friday just to make sure, saw the dreaded red letters telling me my flight had been affected, and found out that my three-hour Christmas morning jaunt had turned into a nine-hour descent into hell, beginning before dawn and concluding well into the Colorado afternoon.

Thankfully, Delta had a list of alternatives -- and one of them was a direct flight, leaving in just three hours. I took it, called my parents, threw a bunch of crap into a bag and rushed to the airport, and made the flight.

And -- found out that I'd been put in first class gratis. Which was every bit as sumptuous as I recall. Spacious seats! Free drinks! An interesting seatmate!

This sort of thing never happens to me (said in best Penthouse Forum style) -- I associate flying with screaming kids and getting my seat double-booked. I don't usually fall upwards.

So now I'm wondering -- has my karma improved? Or is the world just setting me up for an even bigger kick in the ass?

I have to fly back tomorrow (to be at work Monday), which will probably answer that question.

Anyway: Merry Christmas! The goat still stands!

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