Friday, December 31, 2010

Everything Can Change On A New Year's Day

One of the charming things about being human is the ability to keep finding hope, to keep finding ways to think that life will get better. I'm a pretty strict rationalist, but I'm still believing that while there's no discernible difference between today and tomorrow, the advent of 2011 will create a new start, a clean slate, a chance to begin anew.

My 2010 would be familiar to anyone who watches the Denver Broncos regularly: an early touchdown followed by a descent into ineptitude, one solid quarter followed by missed blocks, fumbles, blown coverage. I haven't addressed it on here and won't beyond this paragraph, but the engagement is no longer on (and hasn't been for some months). There's no anger -- just a lot of sorrow, and a lot of willful self-destructive drinking.

So as 2011 dawns, I'm more or less back where I was at the start of 2010 -- just with a little less hope, and a little more wisdom. (and 25 fewer pounds. Let's hear it for one resolution kept.) Rather than continue the pattern of moping-drinking-moping-drinking, I'll choose to look back on the good of 2010. Some cool new friends (yo to MMW and Reeby), reconnections with old friends (word up to Therese), wonderful people who have been there all along, new places to spend all my time and money at (Diesel), and new hope in the form of glorious human Josh Goddamn Freeman (and yeah, Timmy Tebow too, but he wasn't the frequent monster J-Free was).

And I'll choose to look ahead to the exciting of 2011 -- more writing, an exciting trip (details to come, once I sort it all out), and hopefully some long-overdue changes. I've got plenty of resolutions, but for once I won't stick my neck out and make a big deal out of them. A trusted confidante knows them and will presumably give me shit if I blow them.

So happy new year. Best to all.

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Michelle said...

viva 2011