Monday, November 01, 2010

Back in Colorado

Sorely needed, I'll tell you that.

* * *


#49 -- "Loving Graham Greene" by Gloria Emerson

#50 -- "The Hills of Adonis" by Colin Thubron

#51 -- "The Hot Rock" by Donald Westlake

#52 -- "Why Me?" by Donald Westlake

Emerson's book is an interesting oddity -- I found it frustrating and dull at first, and maybe throughout, but it kept me hooked. It's oddly dreamy and quietly funny, the story of a well-meaning American who channels twin obsessions -- her slain brother and Graham Greene -- into attempts to help the world's less fortunate, whether they want it or not. It isn't like anything else I've read, and while this isn't exactly a wholehearted recommendation, it may be worth your time.

Unfortunately, "The Hills of Adonis" isn't. I'm a big Thubron fan but this -- his first book, I think? -- is tedious. He's strolling through Lebanon on the eve of the Six-Day War, and seems wholly uninterested in the modern land; his concerns are two millennia old. Ok, fine, but he doesn't make it terribly interesting. I'd recommend just about everything else he's written, but not this.

"The Hot Rock" and "Why Me?" are two more on the Dortmunder checklist. These are two of the earliest, and two of the weakest. Still funny, natch.

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