Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chapeaux de Formosa

In lieu of any actual writing, a photo from PPA pal MMW:

Posting continues to be sporadic, but that's because most of my energies are going to the book (that rumored book, that damned book). Earlier plans have been scrapped and I'm revising/revisiting a lot, but anyone who wants to read it in semi-serial form, drop me a note (either in the comments or at the rarely-visited PPA e-mail address).

* * *

No real reading lately -- can't focus on anything -- but I did get through one (re-read):

#48 -- "Jimmy the Kid" by Donald Westlake

Yes, another Dortmunder novel. I remembered not liking this one as much as the rest, but either that was erroneous or my tastes have changed -- laughed my ass off.


Anonymous said...

Holy fucking shit. Be buying that hat for me. I will pay you any moneys you require.

Kynan said...

that last post was drunken me. Oh, drunken me.

Michelle said...

I should open an engrish shop

Therese said...

Ooh, ooh, I want to read it in semi-serial form! Do you have my e-mail address?