Thursday, August 12, 2010

Modern-Day Ruins

I noticed this a while back, when my friend Nix held a party: a blasted out building, directly below her building's pool deck.

Turns out I'd actually been there. It's the old location for Loca Luna, now forgotten after a move. I'd actually been inside this building a few times back in the day, most notably the night before the 2004 tsunami. Looking at it from above, it didn't ring any bells and looked properly post-apocalyptic to push all my buttons.

Not sure what's in store for the space. It looks like it's been abandoned for decades, not a few years. In the grand scheme of things, in the good-for-Atlanta category, it'd be best if it gets snapped up fast.

For people who like urban decay, though, it's fantastic right now. It even has a 2000s-era ghost sign that looks like it dates to the 1940s.

Almost thoroughly disconnected, though it's still Atlanta: I can find sky porn anywhere.

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