Monday, August 30, 2010

Messages to Myself

I use the iPod Touch's "Notes" feature a bit inconsistently; I leave notes for myself on it and then forget about them for weeks on end. Hey, look at what I wanted to get at the grocery store last month! That sort of thing.

Went through it yesterday -- mostly reminders to myself of books, movies, or music that I wanted to pursue. But there is one that's puzzling me, from July 17:

"The Day I Realized I Would Suck at Evil"

What prompted this? A short story idea? A revelation about my own life? I have no clue.

* * *

#41 -- "The Ministry of Fear" by Graham Greene

First GG novel in a while! And this is a good one. Tense and thrilling, really fast and very unpredictable. All that combined with Greene's trademark cheery outlook on humanity. I've got a few of his novels that have been languishing unread for years and this might get me cracking.

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