Thursday, July 15, 2010

L L the L

When Tapeleg enticed me to Time Warp, I didn't come through it free and clear: there's a brand-new Legion of Super-Heroes series, something like the 47th reboot since I first discovered the title, and it's written by Paul Levitz. Levitz -- some background -- wrote ALL the LSH comics of my childhood, just about every issue from 1982 on. He stopped in 1989, about the time 16-year-old me moved to Tucson, and (I think) hadn't been back since.

Reunions are often a disappointment for all involved, but I couldn't really pass this up -- I bought the first two issues of the new series. The verdict? Kind of a fun nostalgia trip. Levitz is still good at a lot of the things he was known for: setting up a ton of little plots and letting them develop slowly, somehow getting 20+ characters to develop personalities without making the comic feel crowded. The art is mostly by Yildiray Cinar, and it's pretty good -- I initially thought the cover to #2 was by Steve Lightle, and believe me you, there's no higher praise.

Will I keep buying it? Eh, I dunno. I get the sense (perhaps unfairly) they want to make sure it ties in to the wider DC Universe, and that seems like a pretty joyless place these days -- looking at the covers of Green Lantern, Green Arrow, JSA, etc. didn't entice me to throw down $3.99 (!) for anything besides the LSH. And I don't get out to comic stores too much any more, so perhaps I'll just wait for the trade-paperbacking of the title. And really, I don't need any more stuff hanging around my place, so, probably not. But hey: it's a fun little ride, and I'm glad that there's still some life in the franchise. I wish it well.

* * *

#31 -- "The Wonga Coup" by Adam Roberts

One of the weirder international stories of the last few years -- a group of mercenaries who tried to overthrow the (itself bizarre) government of Equatorial Guinea, and it would seem to be pretty rich material. So I had high hopes for this, but it was only ... okay. Very compelling in some parts, then it just draaaaaaags in others. I came away without any sympathy for any of the principals, which is quite a feat.

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