Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Great Leap Forward

I don't think anyone will ever beat Lots of Latin American metal blogs for pure spam awesomeness. Once a generation, you encounter a prodigy that's so far ahead of everyone else that it renders comparisons unfair. But if we ignore the outlier, I'm pretty pleased with the person who contacted me on Facebook not long ago:

"Greg, I am a female!!!
i like your profile!!! i do believe its... cool"

I do believe it is, indeed, cool. Sadly, the account has already been suspended, but they did have the foresight to let me know that I can contact them at "wetandhorny@whatever."

Meanwhile, "StopPaying4Sex" has started following me on Twitter, so I'm not sure what kind of signals I'm sending out to people.

* * *

#34 -- "The Bank Shot" by Donald Westlake

I hadn't read one of the Dortmunder novels in a really long time, so I picked the shortest one off the shelf. Don't have a lot to say, I've loved these for going on 20 years now; if you like a good laugh, you'll like these.


Brushback said...

Some kid that I went to high school with, his dad was Donald Westlake. That's about all I know about Donald Westlake.

gsdgsd13 said...

That kid, he had an awesome dad. Or at least an awesome-writing dad. I suppose I don't have the experience to comment on his parenting awesomeness.

Brushback said...

The kid was a bit of a twerp, though. We were both drummers in the high school band. He was probably the only other drummer that I was easily better than.