Friday, July 02, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

Attention, earthlings: the egg burrito at the Village Coffee Shop, 1605 Folsom Street in Boulder, is the best breakfast it's possible to get.

As you were. Still in Boulder, it still rules. For the first time in months, I feel like sanity and I are back on a first-name basis, greeting each other jovially in the halls. Nothing like clear mountain air and no work to make things seem a little brighter.

* * *

#27 -- "Kosovo: War and Revenge" by Tim Judah

For some reason, I'd skipped over this book (and Judah's other one on the region, "The Serbs") because of some vague sense that it was really one-sided. Tim Judah, if you ever find yourself Googling your name at 2:30 a.m., I apologize. I was, once again, wrong. This is an incredibly even-handed take on Kosovo's history and the events leading up to 1999. Very balanced, very well-researched. It's got an exhaustive accounting of the many ways that all sides involved botched opportunities to avert the war; most notable for me, it's very good on the divisions within the Kosovar Albanian side. The list isn't long, but I'm going to go ahead and call this the best book I've read on Kosovo.

* * *

There's some complaining about the Avalanche's lack of activity during free agency so far, but really... this is a year when less is more. It's a seller's market (except for goalies) and when Colby Armstrong is going for $3 million/per or Manny Malhotra for $2.5, it's not worth it. The Avalanche aren't (barring a miracle run) going to win the Cup this year and none of these players are the missing piece, none worth taking at the cost of playing a young guy. There's only been one guy that I really wanted them to get -- defenseman Zbynek Michalek -- and he probably went for too much.

As for the Thrashers, I'm pretty sold on all their moves (Mason an upgrade on Moose, Ladd an improvement on Armstrong) except for letting Pavel Kubina go. And I'll admit it, that last is probably more because of my Czech defenseman jones than anything else.

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