Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Rightness Wronged"

I think there are only a few things the PPA formally endorses -- beer, Albania, Tomas Kloucek, penguins -- but add's "Rightness Wronged" to the list. It's on 11am-2pm Eastern every Saturday, it's streamed online, it's hosted by longtime friends-of-Greg KWK and Rags, and it's fucking fantastic. The two gents in question have an ear for the most cathartic music out there and listening for just a bit this past weekend felt great. And it made me want to get back to Colorado posthaste.

Which, happily, I am -- about the time the show's airing this Saturday, in fact. Life's been nothing but work and World Cup -- the two often intersecting -- so I look forward to two weeks of putting concerns and responsibilities to the side.

I haven't posted much lately. Like I said, all work and World Cup (and Twitter -- if you're on it and I somehow don't follow you, look me up at I've read a few books -- #24 "Bogart" by A.M. Sperber and Eric Lax, #25 "The Fall" by Albert Camus. "Bogart" a good diversion, and good to read it after it spent 10+ years on my shelf, but film biographies aren't really my thing, even when it's Bogie. As for "The Fall" -- some things that I really liked when I was 20 just don't work years later. I re-read "The Plague" a few years back and dug it, but geez, this just left me cold.

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thanks for the shout loyal listener! to quote that pimp-ass DJ Charles Osgood, see you on the radio. Here's some Zeke goin out to ya...