Saturday, May 15, 2010

Trying Something New

This is being written on an iPod Touch while I wait for my car to be fixed, so any bizarreness should probably be chalked up to the tempermental autocorrect. This could conceivably get me to post more. But a lot of things conceivably could, yet don't.

Went to the doctor's yesterday -- this is a wildly fun weekend, yes -- and as I emerged from the climate-controlled calm into the humid hell, for just a moment I felt invigorated. And I thought: "oh my god, I'm turning Southern." Thankfully the feeling passed and I was back to whining sweaty discomfort in no time.

* * *

#16 -- "The Way of the World" by Nicholas Bouvier

#17 -- "The Well of Lost Plots" by Jasper Fforde

Bouvier's book was touted as a sort of Middle Eastern Fermor, and that's fairly accurate. Not as lively and inspiring but interesting nonetheless. Drags a bit in the early going but picks up as he and his companions move east from Turkey through Iran and Pakistan to Afghanistan. It's a world none of us will see again.

Fforde's book is a blast -- a different series than the one I've read previously but still funny as hell. I went a few years after my first experience with him but I'll seek out some more.

Auto place's tv is now talking about Sarah Palin, so time to wrap this up and play music very loud.

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