Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

One of the side-effects of a job that frequently involves weird shifts and weird days is that you're caught off guard when you end up out drinking at a time when many other humans are out drinking. So it wasn't until some friends and I were unable to actually get to a bar tonight that we realized that today was Cinco de Mayo.

It has a little added impact this year because one of my several former states, Arizona, has instituted its crazy-ass immigration rule, which I imagine is dampening celebrations. It's a weird time. Some of my previously-normal-seeming high school friends are revealing themselves as being kind of nuts. The Phoenix Suns are mounting the most effective challenge to the law. I'm not sure what to think.

Speaking of not sure what to think, in "lines I never thought I'd type," the major reason I've not been blogging lately is not the usual laziness, but rather a semi-regular gym schedule. I actually worked out so hard that I vomited last week. If any of you have done that, I'd prefer not to know about it so that I can continue to feel really hardcore.

When not vomiting, I read a book:

#15 -- "Call For the Dead" by John LeCarre

This is tense, this is taut, this is all the words used to describe thrillers. And I continue to be impressed by anything where a character comes on stage and is fleshed out within a page. Why don't I let you know when I read one of JLC's books and I don't like it?

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Anonymous said...

I'm going through the same thing with some of my AZ friends. People who seemed completely normal in high school are now are coming off as psycho fascist klanners! I think it's that AZ sun beatin' down on their heads for so long...

anon LP