Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I seem to have a lot of ideas percolating, no time to actually write. That's probably the long-term story of this blog. So in the absence of any actual work on my end, two great pieces on two of my main men:

* Tony Judt gets a write-up in New York Magazine. The PPA is already the clearinghouse for anything written about Tony Judt ever, but this piece goes above and beyond. Find out for yourself. TJ has a new book out this week -- I'm anxiously awaiting my copy's appearance on my doorstep.

* via The New Vulgate: an interview with Ryszard Kapuściński's biographer. An acquaintance recently held forth on ol' Ryszard, saying that he felt that his work was largely invalidated by the news that he fabricated/altered some details. It troubles me; I've also been able to justify it to myself on behalf of, well, I really like Kapuściński and the work stands up on its own. I make allowances for him that I wouldn't make for lesser writers, and yeah, I'm a jerk. Anyway, this is tackled in aforelinked interview. And I really, really wish this bio was available in English.

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