Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Kind of Blue

Last summer, when I was first starting to watch soccer regularly, I was struck by Aston Villa's uniforms: blue and red is hardly a novel combination, but it's almost always a navy blue (a la Rangers or old Milwaukee Admirals). At least in the U.S., the lighter/livelier shades of blue don't turn up often (in the EPL, I guess it's popular -- West Ham has a similar combo). I found it really off-putting at first but then grew to like it.

Same summer, I was researching something so dorky that I'm reluctant to discuss it here, and came across this 1959 photo of Swedish hockey club Malmö FF. I absolutely loved it: taking those same Aston Villa colors but making the blue dominant. I'd never seen anything like it and openly wondered (to my empty living room) why modern-day teams didn't do anything of the sort. (Malmö FF was eventually replaced by the Malmö Redhawks, and now have a black-white-red outfit that looks like one hillion jillion other teams.)

Some of you can probably see where this was going and are already shaking your heads: I saw the Avalanche's blue uniforms up close last night, and oh man, do I love them. I'd seen photos, natch, and hadn't been as anti- as a lot of people seem to be, but being there -- they look great. It's a darker blue than the Aston Villa and Malmö shades I'm touting, but regardless: the jerseys look classy. The preferred Avalanche "A" probably wouldn't work on a blue-oriented jersey, since the letter's borders have a lot of blue. That being the case, the Rangers-style diagonal "COLORADO" looks fine. I thought the old burgundy third jerseys with similar lettering were nice, but a bit too plain -- these look much better with the offset shoulders.

I've sworn off jersey-buying but I might swear it back on just for one of these. (Just a replica, not game-worn -- I've developed some sanity by now.) The question is who? I've already got a Hejduk. Svatos and Budaj probably won't be around much longer, and there are no other Czech or Slovak players. Break out and get a non-Slav? Duchene would work for a long while. So would O'Reilly. Chris Stewart may turn into a monster. Or, I could go offbeat -- get a Liles or Clark jersey and earn myself hostile and confused stares whenever I come back here to visit. Whatever. I need one of these suckers.

* * *

In other news, there was a game last night but I'd prefer not to talk about it. Good to see ol' Kamensky, though. I only saw one other person (besides me) wearing a VK 13 jersey last night, an older woman who looked like she was having a blast. Keep the faith alive, sister.

* * *

Dad, my sister and I had our pregame meal at old favorite Sobo 151, where I picked up yet another bar t-shirt. I now have more Sobo 151 t-shirts than I do Avs jerseys, and that's not even counting my Sobo hooded sweatshirt. When I bought that sweatshirt, you could still smoke in Denver bars, and it was so smoky (it had been hanging on the wall) that it took about a year to wash the stink out. You can't smoke in Denver bars anymore, thank god, but I noticed this morning that this new t-shirt smells like... smoked Czech meat. God I love Sobo 151. You Denver full-timers better appreciate it.

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