Sunday, January 03, 2010

Greetings, 2010.

All right, I intended to start off with a bang and kind of failed. Three days in and I haven't done much of anything. Excuses: the Ski Bum got me an iPod Touch and I got her a Nintendo Wii, two things that are infinitely more fun than doing anything responsible. Also: it's been in the 20s here, so anything outside of staying in bed and reading isn't really advisable. And the Broncos' playoff hopes are on the line today so I've been devoting a lot of mental energy to directing good thoughts thataway.

One real resolution for this year (well, two -- get in better shape, as a nachos-and-wings diet worked against me maintaining my trim post-surgery figure). I have a pretty high ratio of talking about writing to actually doing it. I'd like to reverse it. Less talk, more rock. I'm going to declare it make or break time for the thing I've been writing forever; if I can't make serious progress it's time to put it aside and make something else the priority. I stumbled upon my old friend Therese's blog -- I've been reading through it this morning and it's pretty inspirational, someone with an actual plan and work ethic (as opposed to, uh, me).

I also intend to write more on this sucker, and more actual writing as opposed to just "I read this, here's what I thought." I'll keep doing the book diary but it sorta became the main focus in the past year. Time to change that. More about hopes, about dreams, about hockey.

All of this, of course, after the Broncos game.

* * *

#1 -- "Young Stalin" by Simon Sebag Montefiore

What better way than a little Stalin to start the year? This is one exhaustively researched book, but it doesn't bog down at all -- it's, dare I say, pretty entertaining. I think of the old monster when I think of Stalin, but this is a whole lot of roguish behavior and womanizing. It's a rare book that can get into debates over Marxist theory and still be a fast read.

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Therese said...

Thanks for the shout-out Greg! I didn't even know you had a blog. Now I plan to read it obsessively! Happy New Year and a big hug.