Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Name's Stewart Ransom Miller

Apropos of nothing, a Thanksgiving selection of nicknames that have been bestowed upon me over the years:

* Greg the Egg
* Eggist
* Fireball (one reference, in the Triggerman "Dead Like Me" thanks list)
* Diablo (I actually planned for years to get an El Paso Diablos baseball cap, but I was lazy and now I don't live in the same state as anyone who ever called me this)
* Jeffy (in "honor" of former Bucs (and everyone else) quarterback Jeff Garcia)
* Jefferson Old Bean (variation on previous)


fredoluv said...

whatever, gregopolous...

Brushback said...


gsdgsd13 said...

Can't believe I forgot "Gregolopolous." I was actually thinking "geez, did I not have nicknames in college?"