Sunday, October 18, 2009

Winter Already?

I dropped cable television about a year ago, on the premise that I only used it to watch sports, and I generally watch sports in bars anyhow. But I wish I'd had it back last night so that I could have seen this (I was staying inside to better emit fluids from various holes in my head). A few weeks ago I opined to a friend that the greatest thing in life was reading Red Wings blogs after the team loses; I must amend that to "the greatest thing in life is reading Red Wings blogs after they blow two leads and lose to the Avalanche." I'm such a child.

Just went for a stroll and it's south of 40 degrees outside. Apparently Atlanta only gets one week of fall this year and that was spent with a steady pissing rain. Actually, later today it might actually get nice, but as stated above I'll be deep inside a windowless bar hoping that Josh Johnson is at least a temporary answer and that Kyle Orton can continue the magic.

Speaking of said sport, today's picks. I'm at the tail end of this picks pool -- meanwhile the Ski Bum, who's watched only a handful of football games in her life, won the pool last week. I'm about to sign over my fortune to her and send her off to Vegas.

14 - Green Bay over Detroit
13 - Pittsburgh over Cleveland
12 - Philadelphia over Oakland
11 - Jacksonville over St. Louis
10 - Seattle over Arizona
9 - Atlanta over Chicago
8 - Denver over San Diego
7 - New England over Tennessee
6 - NY Giants over New Orleans
5 - Minnesota over Baltimore
4 - NY Jets over Buffalo
3 - Washington over Kansas City
2 - Tampa Bay over Carolina
1 - Cincinnati over Houston

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