Sunday, October 04, 2009

NFL Picks, Week 4

I did pretty well last week -- had Carolina won on Monday night, I would have taken the pool -- so we get at least another week before I start asking the ceramic penguin statue to pick games.

The Weekend of Sports Awesomeness continued last night with a Thrashers victory, so I'm feeling pretty good about both the Buccaneers and Broncos winning games as underdogs. The Redskins may be almost as bad as Tampa Bay, and the Bucs may get a temporary bounce from a new quarterback (Josh Johnson, already being compared to Randall Cunningham and Steve Young in some quarters. Good luck); meanwhile the Cowboys seem really flawed and soft, and if nothing else Denver is going to be tough to play against.

Again, this is a straight-up pick-a-winner pool, no spreads:

14 - NY Giants over Kansas City
13 - San Francisco over St. Louis
12 - Indianapolis over Seattle
11 - Houston over Oakland
10 - Cincinnati over Cleveland
9 - Chicago over Detroit
8 - Minnesota over Green Bay
7 - Buffalo over Miami
6 - Jacksonville over Tennessee
5 - Baltimore over New England
4 - Tampa Bay over Washington
3 - Denver over Dallas
2 - New Orleans over NY Jets
1 - San Diego over Pittsburgh

* * *

Finally started reading the new Pynchon, "Inherent Vice," this morning. It's a bit disorienting: it makes sense. I know what's going on. I'd heard it was more accessible than his other novels, but didn't quite believe it. It's true, though.

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