Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Mysteries of the NFL

That's Abdul Salaam, perhaps the least-known of the Jets' "New York Sack Exchange" of the early '80s (when I asked it as a trivia question the other day, no one could name him). I had a Sack Exchange poster as a kid, which was pretty cool -- Nike-sponsored, I think, showing Salaam, Joe Klecko, Mark Gastineau, and Marty Lyons on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange.

A few years back, I read somewhere that post-career, Salaam became a bodyguard... for Madonna. Now, I can't find any verification of that. I've gone to news archives, I've tried lots of Google combinations, and nothin'.

Did I hallucinate the reference? Was someone being funny? If anyone stumbles upon this and knows -- please fill me in.


Brushback said...

Holy crap, I had that exact same Abdul Salaam card when I was a kid.

gsdgsd13 said...

If I were ever to do a "card blog," 78 Topps football would be about my first choice. They were the first football cards I ever saw (a few years later, granted) and about the last where the guys still looked like they worked in body shops in the offseason.

Kynan99Rules said...

Somewhat related: I begged the barber when I was roughly in 5th grade to perm my hair in the back so it would look like Gasteneau's.

He actually said: "You look more like Klecko" and proceeded to give me the same kid-from-The-Shining haircut I always got.