Saturday, October 17, 2009

From Beneath the Streets

Still alive! I've been sick as a dog the past week; it may finally be on its last legs, now that I've unleashed the 18-and-over-to-buy cold medicine. That combined with Korean cup-a-soup, wasabi peas, and Irish whiskey means that I'm feeling semi-human again.

I really should've stayed home a few times this week, but something like 70% of my office was already on vacation, so really the only way I could have justified staying home would have been if I died. Which by Thursday, seemed like a good option. So between illness and work, all else has fallen by the wayside. E-mails unanswered, projects unworked upon, blog posts unwritten. Which is a pity, because I actually had some ideas this week. Most of them are forgotten now -- I was going to do something about the Broncos' throwback uniforms, and something about music, and... some other stuff. Maybe it'll come back to me once I get off the medicine.

I even read a book and failed to post on it:

#70 -- "The Ghost Writer" by John Harwood

I got this from and almost immediately came to the conclusion (before I opened it) that I wouldn't like it. Thankfully I was wrong -- spooky atmosphere turned up to ten, lots of nods to Henry James, Dickens, and Poe. It's reminiscent of Peter Straub minus gore. Horror's often most effective when you're just catching a glimpse, not quite sure what's going on, and this had me thoroughly chilled and hooked, and it kept me guessing what was going on. The ending didn't thrill me but up 'til then it was pretty dead on.

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