Saturday, October 03, 2009


I was actually going to do hockey predictions today, but the Avalanche shutting out the Canucks has completely destroyed whatever rational thought I was capable of. Now, I don't really see any possible outcome beyond the Avalanche going undefeated, capturing the Stanley Cup, Darcy Tucker scoring 50 goals, etc.

Add to this: the Blues beat the Red Wings for the second straight day, and Michigan State (a PPA family favorite) defeated Michigan. Depending on how football plays out tomorrow, we may be seeing the best sports weekend of all time.

* * *

#68 -- "Blood and Champagne" by Alex Kershaw

I've always been an admirer of Robert Capa, and a big fan of his fairly fictional autobiography, "Slightly Out of Focus," but this was my first shot at seeing his life from another point of view (a bit more reliable one). "Slightly Out of Focus" is a lot more fun, but this is a much fuller view. Much sadder -- Capa's a tragic figure here rather than simply the fun-loving rogue that he portrayed himself as. Regardless though, the guy did know how to party.

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