Thursday, September 24, 2009


They're filming a movie 30 feet or so from my place. I forget the name, but it's a Warner Brothers production, and there seems to be significant cash behind it: they've basically bought out a local coffee shop for the month of September, gutted it and put up new fake signs (reading "Frioche," which I'm pretty sure is not anything in any language)(edit: it's "Friache," which actually is something), and taken up the parking lots of two fairly well-trafficked restaurants across the street.

This seemed really cool when it started but it's getting irritating, moreso by the day. First off, coffee shop being closed means that if I haven't bought coffee, I'm fucked. Second off, there was a flatbed trailer blocking my driveway as I tried to leave for work this morning. Third off, when I got home from work, I had to show my driver's license to get onto my street -- they aren't allowing non-residents near the filming.

This all changes if I somehow make it on screen, natch. Watch the movies hitting in early 2010 -- if there's a guy in the background, scowling and wearing a ratty Old 97s t-shirt yet somehow exuding a magnetism akin to Bogart, this all becomes worth it.

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