Sunday, September 27, 2009

NFL Picks, Week 3

Many more weeks like last week and I'll stop doing this. Geez. My football knowledge is taking a beating -- last place in this pool, last place in one fantasy league, lower-third of other picks pool (second place in another fantasy league, though).

Once again, this isn't a spread pool -- straight pick-a-winner:

16 - Green Bay over St. Louis
15 - Baltimore over Cleveland
14 - New Orleans over Buffalo
13 - Denver over Oakland
12 - Indianapolis over Arizona
11 - Pittsburgh over Cincinnati
10 - Minnesota over San Francisco
9 - Philadelphia over Kansas City
8 - Jets over Tennessee
7 - Carolina over Dallas
6 - Houston over Jacksonville
5 - Giants over Tampa Bay
4 - San Diego over Miami
3 - Atlanta over New England
2 - Detroit over Washington
1 - Seattle over Chicago

* * *

In the "corrections" category, proving that you should always get a second source when I say anything, the fake restaurant at the filming location by me is called "Fraiche," not "Friache" or "Frioche." I fully expect to notice that it's spelled completely differently when I leave the house again in a bit.

And the movie they're filming is "Life As We Know It."

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