Sunday, September 20, 2009

NFL Picks, Week 2

Why not? I'm in two NFL pools this year -- unless it gets too embarassing (I'm already in last place after week one), I'm going to go ahead and post my weekly choices in the straight-up pick-a-winner pool.

Here we go. It's weighted so top picks are worth more, etc.

16 - Minnesota over Detroit
15 - Tennessee over Houston
14 - Indianapolis over Miami
13 - Atlanta over Carolina
12 - Pittsburgh over Chicago
11 - Green Bay over Cincinnati
10 - Washington over St. Louis
9 - Denver over Cleveland
8 - New Orleans over Philadelphia
7 - Dallas over NY Giants
6 - Kansas City over Oakland
5 - San Diego over Baltimore
4 - New England over NY Jets
3 - Seattle over San Francisco
2 - Jacksonville over Arizona
1 - Tampa Bay over Buffalo

Looking at it, I'm struck by my lack of confidence in the Patriots. Not sure why, I'm hardly a Jets believer.

Thoughts? Want to point out what an idiot I am? Have at it!

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gsdgsd13 said...

After two weeks, I'm in last place in this particular pool.