Friday, September 18, 2009

The Day My Sense of Humor Died

The last 24 hours have provoked a whole lot of harsh self-examination: I finally watched "Anchorman," a movie I was pretty damn certain I was going to love, and I may have laughed three times total. I laughed more at "Paradise Now." "The Seventh Seal" was a laugh riot by comparison.

I'm really worried that the problem is me. Everyone I know (everyone who's expressed an opinion on "Anchorman," at least) liked it, and I respect those people and their opinions. But I just looked on, wooden.

There were a few great moments, mostly when the film got gleefully anarchic -- the newscasters' brawl, the flute in the restaurant. And I'd have to be dead for "Go fuck yourself, San Diego" to not produce a snort. But the rest -- they seemed to stay on jokes a beat too long, or laboriously explain things that should just emerge naturally.

And this was a movie involving the two kingpins of 21st century film comedy, Will Ferrell and Judd Apatow. If I can't laugh at their work -- what hope is there?


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Vitriola said...

Movie is overrated. I laughed like 3 times, and the rest I sat through while everyone else just fucking lost it. It's not you, we just have a keener sense of humor :)