Thursday, September 17, 2009

Careful What You Wish For

A couple days ago I complained to the world at large that it kept threatening to rain but not coming through, and the result was a heavy, humid, oppressive feeling at all times. "Just rain," I said. "Just do it."

Now we're in day two of wrath-of-god deluges and the weather report shows nothing but clouds and lightning bolts in the days to come. Sorry, everyone in Atlanta. Don't know my own power.

* * *

#65 -- "Down and Out in Paris and London" by George Orwell

#66 -- "The New Thinking Man's Guide to Pro Football" by Paul Zimmerman

A couple years ago I pledged to read more Orwell; I promptly dove into "Burmese Days," and I still haven't found the strength to sludge through. This, though, is much better. Not really clear if it's fiction or not; it certainly reads like non-fiction. It doesn't romanticize but also doesn't waste time getting weepy. Extremely readable.

I decided to read Dr. Z's book again after last weekend's note, and boy is it good. He's got an ear for a great anecdote and explains the game so well and so passionately. After reading this again I feel like I could become a defensive coordinator with just a little planning. I probably shouldn't pursue this line of thinking, though.

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fredoluv said...

#1: I read Burmese Days for a book club. You know, ultimately I remember liking some of the characters. But man...slooooow. It probably made me afraid to open a book again for another six years.

#2: I just noticed that your MySpace profile was linked in your "More Greg" section. I thought "aw, that's nice!" Then i looked at your last login! We WIN!