Sunday, September 06, 2009

Best Text of Last Night

Stripped of all context -- "wiffleball. who are you people?"

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#63 -- "Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman

I'm still a bit caught off-guard by Gaiman's celebrity -- as if the past two decades hadn't passed, I still think of him as the new writer on the "Sandman" and "Black Orchid" comics. I've actually never read any of his prose fiction before this. "Neverwhere" has been sitting on my shelf for a decade now, I think, but I've never been too excited about it.

It's fantasy of the type I eat up -- I don't give a crap about elves and orcs and barbarians, but I dig the "there's another world, running parallel to ours, just out of sight" idea. In this case, it's centered around the London subway system.

Reading this, I enjoyed it but wasn't nuts about it -- but -- at the end, I noticed that I was really sorry to say goodbye to the characters. And I was sorrier to come online and find out that there's no sequel. So I guess it kind of crept up on me.


tapeleg said...

The book suffers from a few problems, mostly because of what it is. It's a novelization of a mini-series, and it reads like one.

Gaiman wasn't doing novels at the time, and was still very much a comic book writer at the time, and it shows. The dialogue is good and tight, the scenes are awesome, but the prose isn't that good. It got better in later books, but this was not a fine example of his form.

Get the mini-series on DVD. Great stuff, with high standards at low budget looks. In other words, BBC scifi and fantasy.

Anonymous said...

I loved the Sandman series. Now I want to read it again...

Anon. LP