Sunday, August 09, 2009

Weekend Warrior

This blog seems to have become a Saturday-Sunday only thing. I'd like that to change sometime soon -- I'd also like to have something to write about besides "what books I read," which I suppose would be a start toward achieving goal #1. I've been in a hell of a rut since coming back from Colorado. A trip that made life seem filled with purpose and possibilities has been followed by weeks of moodiness and burnout. Hmm.

Worth noting: there are two game-worn Tomas Kloucek jerseys on eBay right now, and I'm not bothering to bid on either. That's either a worrying sign of depression or an encouraging sign of progress.

Take your pick.

* * *

#56 -- "Sewer, Gas, and Electric" by Matt Ruff

Holy cow, why has no one told me about Matt Ruff before? Well, that's honestly not true -- a web page I used to read had good things to say about this and another of his books, seven or so years ago. So I guess I have no one to blame but myself for not reading this before now.

Basically: the plot doesn't really make sense and I got the feeling he forgot what it was a few times, there's a bazillion characters and a lot of them aren't really distinguishable at all, and it didn't matter. I laughed my ass off for 550 pages or so. Just an absolute blast to read. Fun, smart, and creative.

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