Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fighting For A Haircut

I'm a fairly recent convert to pho -- I only tried Vietnamese food for the first time last year. I dig it. Getting takeout today made my car smell nice, much-needed after I spilled coffee over every square inch earlier in the week.

There's 114,000 Vietnamese joints on Buford Highway, but so far I've only been to Pho #1. Partly because it's #1, and everyone likes a winner. And partly because Pho #1 makes me think of Fugazi's Song #1, and so anyone in the car with me (today, no one) gets treated to me singing that song with the word "Pho" replacing the word "song" throughout.


Tapeleg said...

Does Pho #2 remind you of Song #2 by Blur? Just asking.

gsdgsd13 said...

Actually, there is no Pho #2 here (that I know of). It seems to go straight from Pho #1 to Pho #96. Numbers 2-95 just couldn't cut the mustard.

Cranky said...

Wow. That post literally made me laugh aloud. Thanks for that. :)

Even better? My word verification is phoribi.

gsdgsd13 said...

"Phoribi" sounds like some variation on the dish, with extra ingredients thrown in -- perhaps delicious, perhaps dodgy. Next time I go up there I'll ask for Phoribi and see what happens.