Monday, August 31, 2009

Dropping Like Flies

Not too long after yesterday's post, the backup laptop died. I got it running again after way too much effort -- but I was a little relieved, I feared I was becoming the Pol Pot of computers. Not sure, though, why I rushed about so much to get it working. To check the hockey transactions, I suppose. In comments to the last post Brushback mentions a dead computer introducing him to a slower pace, and perhaps I should follow that -- the effort invested in healing the sick computer was far greater than the importance of anything I achieved online yesterday.

In any case, a new computer arrives Wednesday, so I can begin killing that one.

It also rained all day yesterday, great torrents of the stuff, so I just read and read some more:

#60 -- "The Human Factor" by Graham Greene

#61 -- "An Artist of the Floating World" by Kazuo Ishiguro

#62 -- "The Tin Men" by Michael Frayn

"The Human Factor" is one of the Greenes-on-a-pedestal, but I hadn't gotten around to it before. Nothing turned out the way I expected and I quite enjoyed it -- nothing wraps up quite right and it's very real in that sense.

"Floating World," sadly, was kind of a disappointment. I know it's unfair to want every Ishiguro novel to match "Never Let Me Go" but this just left me pretty cold. None of the characters are very interesting or sympathetic, and it's just a lot of really nice description tied together by a narrative that's of limited interest to me.

"The Tin Men" is the book I actually wanted to read when I picked up the blah "A Very Private Life" earlier this year and this is considerably better. Funny as hell, a technological satire that somehow manages to hold up 45 years after publication.

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"Pol Pot of computers"...snicker snicker