Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Post-Pessimist Association and the Mystery of Lost Lake

"Lost Lake" -- sounds like there should have been a Hardy Boys mystery set there. There's no real mystery to it, though, and it's not exactly lost. I mean, I made it there and I'm not Magellan.

Very nice hike, though, particularly after I packed in yesterday's hike up Mount Sanitas on account of pounding heart. This one was a little less straight up and a bit more shaded.

Photos? Why, yes:

The hike's in the Indian Peaks area, near the ghost town of Hessie (really ghostly: I think there's nothing left, other than a sign sayingsomething to the effect of "Hessie was around here once"). The above is the road into (and out of) Hessie. You can see why it didn't really make it as a town.

Ended up wrestling three of 'em.

I thought these trees looked really cool, until I found out that they've been destroyed by pine beetles and are now just husks waiting for a timely lightning strike to send the whole area up in flames. Great.

And flowers! My budding career as a nature photographer is now in effect.

Sure is a pretty state. At this point, attempts at witty commentary end and it's pics only.


Brushback said...

Gee, I've never been able to take photos like that. It's like a calendar.

gsdgsd13 said...

I'm planning to use them to launch a new line of inspirational posters soon.