Friday, July 10, 2009

Joe It Goes

So vacation, and for once I have stuff to write about, but also a lack of inclination/desire/time. Oh well. A couple hockey things:

I'm glad I was back in Colorado to watch Joe Sakic's retirement ceremony yesterday. The realistic part of me knows it's for the best. The fan in me wanted him to go on forever.

I'm not much for hagiography but it was a pleasure to watch the guy play over the years. At my job (bear with me) there's a couple guys that I've known over the years that simply improve things by their presence; they're calming influences even when they aren't involved. The Elk calls them "visual valium." Sakic was like that -- seeing him on the ice, everything seemed okay.

* * *

Other hockey notes: I was concerned about the lack of news on Tomáš Klouček, but apparently he's signed with Barys Astana for another year, so that's all right. And not sure how this slipped by me, but while HC Kometa Brno failed to earn promotion to the Extraliga this past season, I guess they've been promoted anyhow. They're going in through the back door -- apparently HC Znojmo ran into financial trouble or didn't pay their dues or something like that, so they get bounced down and Kometa moves up, and gets a lot of the good Znojmo players in the process (among them Jiri Dopita, a bust in the NHL but a badass over in the Czech Rep). So perhaps not the preferred method, but hey, Kometa's in the top league! The PPA gets results!

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