Thursday, July 09, 2009

Emotional Archaeology

Two storefronts that had a great impact on me once upon a time, now being used for other purposes:

Back in the '80s, this was Time Warp Comics, site of my first "job" (I was paid in comics -- at age 13 that was all I needed) and most of my adolescent energies. My friend Andy and I were allowed to come in and make sure everything was kept stocked. It may have just been that we were already around all the time on weekends, so why not?

The store held legendary auctions, which were the highlights for me: twelve-hour days, a packed store, really hard-to-find items (pre-internet) up for sale. I got the old Keith Giffen Legion of Super-Heroes poster at one of those. Probably one of the best moments of my early teenage years.

Time Warp moved shortly after I did; after a few subsequent moves, it's apparently still around in north Boulder (and here it is). The Beat Book Shop is now in the space at 1717 Pearl. I'm pretty sure it's been there since Time Warp vacated. I'm not a Kerouac fan but the Beat is one of those places that I'm happy to see living on in Boulder, particularly on Pearl's East End, which is unrecognizable from the late '90s, much less my childhood.

This is the former office of the Boulder Planet, a space that has gone through several changes since the Planet departed this planet: a drum store, a medieval clothing store, and a general store. Since bongos and Renaissance Faires are two of my least favorite things, I'm glad to see it's now something considerably more appropriate: a bar. It wasn't open yet when I walked by yesterday, so I just peeked through the windows. It's all still recognizable -- hey, that's where I sat. That's where so-and-so was. I remember the desk there. Etc. It might be a bit weird to go in and drink in there. Lots of memories and emotions still tied to the place. But I'm glad to see it's being put to more noble purposes. If you're in town, it's George's, so go by and tell them that you read some thing by a guy who worked in the office there once. I'm sure they'll be ecstatic.

* * *

I do read on vacation...

#46 -- "Garden, Ashes" by Danilo Kis

#47 -- "The Year of Living Biblically" by A.J. Jacobs

...and I'll write more about them later.

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