Monday, June 08, 2009

Safety First

I've written in the distant past about my fears that I'll leave the coffee maker on and it'll leave the house a charred husk. So today I got to work, sat down, started tasks, then realized: I left it on. No chance I didn't this time -- I didn't drink the last bit in the pot or pour it into a traveling mug, and that's when I always turn it off. Crap. Crap crap crap. I could already see the flames. I called the Ski Bum, left a message asking her to go over and turn it off for me. She did go over... and it was off.

So it turns out that my coffee maker turns itself off after two hours. And I've been driving myself nuts about this for years.

* * *

It appears that, after some back-and-forth on his status, Gabon's President Omar Bongo is indeed dead at 73. I don't know much about him -- he was there for a long time, didn't do a great job -- but he endeared himself to me slightly by having his own Facebook page before other leaders jumped on the bandwagon. Not a supporters' page, an actual personal page. He anti-endeared me by not accepting my friend request, but I guess he probably wasn't feeling so great the last year or so.

* * *

#40 -- "The Blond Baboon" by Janwillem van de Wetering

Two surprises here: one, finding out last night that van de Wetering passed away, and some time ago. I'm not that tuned into the literary world but that struck me as something I should have known. I'd guessed he was probably in poor health -- no new books since the 1990s indicated a retirement of some sort -- and he was on in years, but it's still a bit of a (delayed) shock.

The second surprise was that I actually hadn't read this book, and I thought I'd read 'em all except for the short stories collection. It's more of the general thoughtful mystery that I've read about before, and natch it increases my desire to visit Amsterdam. There's nothing particularly mind-boggling, and I'm realizing that perhaps my 21-year-old self oversold just how great these were to my 36-year-old self. They're great fun but I don't feel my mind expanding.

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