Saturday, May 16, 2009

Misty Morning

So it undoubtedly didn't show through but I may have been under the influence of a wee bit of alcohol when I posted last night. Just a drop. Not only is Fat Tire now available in Atlanta, but walking up Highland Avenue yesterday evening I was barraged with signs promising "FAT TIRE NOW AVAILABLE." What's a simple lad from the countryside to do? I indulged. It tastes good. No, angels don't sing when a new bottle is opened, it doesn't give my skin an increased luster. People who suggested I was romanticizing it just because it wasn't available were probably right. But it's good and it's a little bit of Colorado.

So after that it was undoubtedly a fantastic idea for me to be in a bar at 7:30 this morning. And yeah, there I was, watching Manchester United versus Arsenal at the Brewhouse. Given that I railed against dumbo nationalism in hockey in the last post, it's a bit goofy that I'm now wholeheartedly embracing soccer, a sport where unpleasant jingoist sentiments make hockey's look charming by comparison. Perhaps I haven't thought this through.

I'm now a full-fledged Liverpool FC supporter; I can name at least three or four of their players. This was a carefully considered decision; last week I had the following text message exchange with Fidel:

Me: Suppose I should adopt a premiership team- but who?

Not me: Liverpool, natch.

Unquestioningly taking Fidel's advice has never steered me wrong in the least, so there you go: Liverpool. Today's match eliminated them from championship hopes, so I feel at home already.

So where was I -- ah, this morning. I met up with the Elk to watch it at the Brewhouse and I've gotta say I'm impressed by any bar that can draw a standing-room-only crowd at quarter to eight in the morning. I've always liked the Brewhouse -- one of my earliest Atlanta memories is watching a Euro 2000 qualifier there, with one other guy, the most stereotypical Frenchman you've ever met (thin mustache, beret ... all he needed was a horizontally-striped shirt). But it's a bit out of my way so I don't go often. It's too bad as it's a good place, filled with very legitimate football fans (as opposed to me), people who know what they're talking about and are quite passionate. People who can say things like "good touch" and not sound like fools. Lots of accents. Saturday mornings there may become a regular thing. Especially since they've got Fat Tire as well.


lralle said...

My soul withers with every mention of New Belgium. Try the 1554 black ale.

gsdgsd13 said...

I had the 1554 this morning, actually. It was pretty good, though not quite as hearty as I remembered. Which may not be entirely bad since I was drinking it at 9 a.m.