Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Greg Stays Skinnier, Gets Sadder

Well holy crap. Saw this sad news on Atlanta Metblogs -- if there was a restaurant in town I wasn't worried about going under, it was Dusty's. It always seemed to be packed. I've been itching for BBQ lately but put it off because of health concerns, blah blah -- I guess I should have strayed for a day.

Think I've mentioned it before but when I first moved out here Dusty's played a large part in me ballooning a bit -- it was right near my first place of residence so I'd go through the drive-through on the way to work. It didn't happen near as much in recent years and I hadn't been back since last fall. Now I won't get a chance again. The catering business is still going, which does me zero good, but I'm hopeful they're still making the sauce. It's good good stuff.

Now I really want barbeque, too. There's plenty of other places in Atlanta, but Dusty's was always number one.

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